At SAI Veterinary Hospital we always use the safest anaesthetic protocols and agents on our patients we have state of the art machines to provide for a safe anaesthetic, and we can mechanically ventilate if a patient has difficulty breathing using state of the art ventilators.

All our anaesthetics are monitored by experienced and dedicated nurses, and all of our patients are closely monitored throughout their surgery.

Pre-blood screening is available on-premises before the anaesthetic is given to the patient intravenous fluids during anaesthesia and surgery are also routinely used. We also provide a wide range of appropriate pain relief and analgesia to our patients to facilitate a pain-free recovery. 


Oral health is essential to their general health and wellbeing. Whether your pet has bad breath, dental disease, retained teeth, or whether you want to do the best by maintaining their oral health, our hospital is very well equipped to cater to their dental needs.

We have state of the art dental machine providing us with all the tools required for a sterile scale & polish as well as extractions. All patient's recieving a dental will have a dental radiograph completed to assess the bone formation of the jaw. 

At reception we have a wide variety of products to promote ongoing dental prohylaxis. 

Digital X-Ray

We have two digital machines in use currently. Digital X-Ray can produce high quality images in a blink of an eye. This allows the ability of veterinarians to change the contrast, magnification and resolution of the image to increase the ability to make an accurate diagnosis rapidly. These images can be shared with a radiologist for an opinion.


Endoscopy can be used to visualise pathology in the chest and abdominal cavity as well as assisting in the removal of ingested foreign bodies that can lead to obstructions.

Common foreign bodies that are removed using an endoscope are bones, jewellery, soft toys, strings and plastic or rubber balls.

During the procedure, a video recording and images are taken for viewing post examination.

Endoscope exams can also help to determine other illnesses like gastric or oesophageal ulcers and tumours.

Point of Care Ultrasound

Point of care ultrasound can help assess patients that may require urgent care and surgery. We have state of the art ultrasound machines on the premises to provide rapid assessment of the inpatient. Ultrasound also is useful for pregnancy diagnosis and checking health of the foetus if a Caesarean is warranted.

All the veterinarians at SAI Veterinary Hospital are experienced in the use of ultrasound. However, at our discretion, we also utilise a visiting ultrasonographer for select patients.

In-House Laboratory

SAI Veterinary Hospital has a full in house laboratory that allows us to gather data from analysis of blood and urine samples on patients. This is invaluable in any emergency and for all patients, for pre-anaesthetic blood testing and routine monitoring of kidney function or drug testing.

We collaborate with pathologists in external labs as well to get advanced testing like genetic test and specialised biomarkers for specific disease diagnosis and monitoring. We regularly recommend vaccine titres if a pet has immune dysfunction as well.

Our experienced veterinarians and nurses are highly trained in collecting pertinent samples and submit promptly for best care of your pets.


Soft tissue
At SAI Veterinary Hospital, our team of experienced surgeons perform all kinds of soft tissue surgery from the simplest of small cuts and wounds, desexing and lump removals, right through to complex abdominal and thoracic surgery. Intestinal tumours, foreign bodies, trauma, Gastric dilatation and volvulus, bladder and kidney surgery and all forms of reproductive medicine especially caesarian section.

Laser surgery
SAI Veterinary Hospital is equipped with CO2 laser for both skin and soft tissue procedures. Advanced airway procedure are also undertaken using specialised surgical Laser. A non-surgical cold Laser is also used for skin treatments for wounds and ulcers for healing purpose. It also reduces pain and discomfort from procedures and enhances rapid recovery for our orthopaedic patients. Laser sessions last between 5-10 minutes in total and cause no discomfort.

Orthopaedics surgery of bones and joints. Senior veterinarians at SAI Veterinary Hospital have a particular interest in orthopaedics and are very experienced in both the diagnosis and treatment of the orthopaedic conditions.
We also work in close association with several specialist orthopaedic surgeons at Rivergum referral service , so on a referral basis can offer high-end specialist surgery for spinal cases, orthopaedics, including joint replacements.


We are open 24 hours everyday of the week 365 days . We provide comprehensive veterinary care for your pets in need. if they require further referral, we can organise that too.

Puppy Classes

SAI Veterinary Hospital's puppy preschool classes are run weekly by our experienced, compassionate and qualified veterinary nurses. They are available to all puppies between the ages of 8 and 14 weeks. Classes are held in our clean and very welcoming reception area after regular consulting hours are finished.

The vaccinations for puppies and dogs fall into two categories. There are the "core" vaccinations C3 (canine distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus), and the "non-core" vaccines of kennel/canine cough (Bordetella bronchoseptica and parainfluenza). These are combined as either a C4 or C5 vaccine. All puppies attending Puppy Preschool at SAI Veterinary Hospital must have had their 1st vaccine at least one week prior to commencing class.