Puppy Training Classes, Preschool, Playgroups & Socialization

Have you welcomed a new fur baby into your family?

At SAI Veterinary Hospital we are now offering a 4 week Puppy Preschool Program for all puppies big and small between the ages of 6 weeks to 18 weeks.
Puppy Preschool is a vital socialising and training program that highly benefits the puppy and the owner.


- Nutrition, Dental Hygiene, Vaccines, Fleas & Worming
- Basic Command Training
- Off and On Lead Socialisation
- Puppy Preschool pack with loads of resources and information to help you throughout all life stages of your new baby.
- Basic Grooming
- Games

And much much more!!!

Submit an online enrollment form through our website or ring us on 08 6319 2390


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