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We always use the safest anaesthetic protocols and agents on our patients we have state of the art machines to provide for a safe anaesthetic, and we can mechanically ventilate if a patient has difficulty breathing using state of the art ventilators. All our anaesthetics are monitored by dedicated nurses, and all of our patients are closely monitored .


Oral health is essential to their general health and wellbeing. Whether your pet has bad breath, dental disease, retained teeth, or whether you want to do the best by maintaining their oral health, our hospital is very well equipped to cater to their dental needs.

Digital X-Ray

We have two digital machines in use currently. Digital X-Ray can produce high quality images in a blink of an eye. This allows the ability of veterinarians to change the contrast, magnification and resolution of the image to increase the ability to make an accurate diagnosis rapidly.


Can be used to visualise pathology in lungs and stomach as well to get ingested foreign bodies that can lead to obstructions. common example that are removed using an endoscope are bones, jewellery , soft toys , strings and plastic or rubber balls. A permanent video record is kept on files for later review as well.

Point of Care Ultrasound

can help assess patients that may require urgent care and surgery. We have state of the art ultrasound machines on premises to provide rapid assessment of the inpatient. Ultrasound also is useful for pregnancy diagnosis and checking health of the pups if a Caesarean is warranted.

In-House Laboratory

SAI Vet Hospital has a full in house laboratory that allows us to gather data from analysis of blood and urine samples on patients. This is invaluable in emergency patient, for pre-anaesthetic blood testing and routine monitoring of kidney function or drug testing.


Soft Tissue

our team of experienced surgeons perform all kinds of soft tissue surgery from the simplest of small cuts and wounds, right through to complex abdominal and thoracic surgery.

Laser Surgery

A Cold Laser is Available for Wound Healing and Arthritis Pain Modulation.


SAI Vet Hospital have a particular interest in orthopaedics and are very experienced in both the diagnosis and treatment of the orthopaedic conditions.

Dental And Oral Surgery

SAI Vet Hospital Offers Comprehensive Oral Care For Our Pet Patients. We Have Modern Equipment Complete With Dental Xrays.

Vaccination Schedule

Emergency Services - 24 hours 7 days

After Hours Emergency Services- Small Animal Intensive ( SAI )Care

SAI Vet Hospital has always strived to provide the best and highest quality care for all our patients, your pets.

Our highly skilled Emergency team is always available to attend any pet illnesses. We commonly see Abdominal , respiratory, nervous system related or bone and muscle injuries, infectious diseases, cancers, chronic diseases ( related to heart , seizures , endocrine disease like diabetes , cushings, addisons and thyroid related emergencies). We have state of the art surgery suite and all emergency related equipment including mechanical ventilators . You can call 08 6319 2390 or walk in anytime day or night. There is always a nurse to give you phone advice or discuss your pet’s health with a veterinarian.

Our after-hours service is not only convenient but also very cost effective as ongoing care continues to reduce cost for pre-existing patients.